My ggplot theme

It can look nicer.

In R, I plot with ggplot. Inspired by others who have also made themes that look nicer than the default options provided in the package, I present my own theme (at the end).

# package contains ggplot

Examples of default plots

I’ll plot the built-in mtcars data, with some added titles and with modifications to the points (colors and shapes).

This default plot theme has one glaring issue, in my opinion: the gray background. It reduced contrast and obscures patterns. It can work, but even then it needs an all-gray plot to work, also requiring really dark points to see well. Here are two other default plot themes.

# theme_bw
p + theme_bw()

# theme_classic
p + theme_classic()

The classic choice isn’t bad; has a clean feel that says, “I’m ready for a look”. But making your own theme isn’t that hard, and the results can be more rewarding. Of course, packages like ggthemes and hrbrthemes1 exist, but again, it isn’t that hard to do yourself.


## Registering fonts with R
rc <- c("Roboto Condensed")

# My own ggplot2 theme
  theme_minimal(base_family = rc,
                base_size = 14) +
      plot.background = NULL,
      plot.margin = margin(t = 2, r = 2, b = 2, l = 2, unit = "pt"),
      panel.grid = element_line(color = "#F1F1F1"),
      panel.border = element_blank(),
      axis.line = element_blank(),
      axis.ticks = element_blank(),
      axis.title.y = element_text(
        hjust = 1,
        margin = margin(t = 0, r = 10, b = 0, l = 0, unit = "pt")),
      axis.title.x = element_text(
        hjust = 0,
        margin = margin(t = 10, r = 0, b = 0, l = 0, unit = "pt")),
      axis.text = element_text(family = rc),
      legend.title.align = 0,
      legend.key.height = unit(x = 5, units = "mm"),
      legend.justification = c(1, 1),
      legend.position = c(1, 1)


I currently like the Roboto Condensed font (used with extrafont). I like using faint lines behind the data, that help interested viewers extract data. I like aligning the axis titles to the top and left. This makes sense as most plots are read left-to-right.

  1. My theme is clearly inspired by `hrbrthemes`, but my own modifications mean that I claim it as my own now. Plus I don’t have to load an extra package.↩︎

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