Where Has All The Time Gone?

Where has all the time gone,
Where does the time fly,
Where does the time go,
Where does the time hide?

Some have spare time, Some extra time, just in case;
Some change time to keep in their pocket
To spend time when they need time.

And what about the summertime?
Such sweet time,
With lots of time to not care,
To not worry, not think;
Time to cut your hair, or
Let the hair fall on your back time.

For some there is so much time
To do all the nothing
In their free time,
But I do not have time
To waste the time
Doing nothing.


Because here comes school time,
Standing in a long line
To buy my books time;
Take out a loan time,
Is it really that time?

These loans have interest,
But I, too, have interest
In getting a time loan;
Because those that are older,
Who have spent all their time,
Every second penny, minute nickel,
And every hour dime,
No refund.
They say that,
“The time spent learning is the greatest investment.”

This semester I’m gonna be on time,
I won’t whine about no free time;
It’s time to raise my hand,
To ask questions,
To listen and collaborate,
To meditate,
Maybe even go on a few dates
With my wife;
For her I’ll make time.

And then when it’s bedtime,
A peaceful time,
A time to rest my heavy head,
My throbbing brain, and my aching mind,
I’ll think to myself,
Where has all my time gone?

Then I’ll smile,
With deep satisfaction,
For time and time again,
My answer is

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