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Two a Temple

Do you live within two hours of an LDS temple?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a church that builds temples in addition to local meetinghouses. An LDS temple is different from a regular, chapel-style meetinghouse. These building are considered sacred, and given their importance the LDS church has tried mightily to build them up to reduce drive times for church members. For members of the LDS church moving around the United States, the following map I made can also help find areas (shaded red) within a two hour drive of a temple1.

Also, before temples are dedicated for use by church members, there is always an open house to the public. If you ever happen to have the chance to attend an LDS temple open house event, go.

Link for a full-screen map.

Temple in Rexburg Idaho - Fall 2019 Temple in Rexburg Idaho - Fall 2019

  1. Locations are not exactly exact for recently announced temples. ↩︎

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